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A Creepy Anthology of Horror Tales

Ricket Row is an anthology of creepy horror tales by Elyse Salpeter, the author of The Mannequins.  A few of the short stories read more like outlines while others were well developed short stories with satisfying endings. Many of the stories included zombies, vampires, and ghosts—welcomed fare for creepy tales…

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Treasury of Children’s Bedtime Stories

The Review Grandpa Bernie’s Bedtime Stories is comprised of twenty tales for very young children. Some stories, like “The Friendly Grasshopper,” tell a tale about insects, frogs, and birds—animals in nature that are prey or predator that become best friends in Grandpa Bernie’s world. In other stories like “Batter Up,…

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The Secret of the Passageway

Every now and then a talented child author emerges. Today, I’d like to introduce ten-year-old Sky Stubbeman. A week ago I asked Sky and twin brother Christian to answer a question I posed them. Sky’s response took over an hour to write. I never saw a child that young so…

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