Thrilling YA Fantasy

Lizzie St. Laurent has several low wage jobs to help pay for her “luxury basement apartment.” Now that grandma has died from a stroke, Lizzie needs jobs over a college education to pay for food, clothes and the gas bill for her Mini Cooper. Late for the family meeting deciding the fate of Grandma’s belongings, all Lizzie gets is an ashtray from Caesars Palace that Uncle Steve says, “She used a lot.” So Lizzie grabbed a box out of the moving van and took it with her to the park to cry.

Lizzie soon discovers that inside the box is a magical hat once belonging to her grandfather. It’s a being from an alternate dimension with powers of speech, mind control, and teleportation, to name just a few. It can also transform itself into any headgear its wearer desires.

Since her boss, Dave, just had a baby stolen from his hospital bassinette by a ring of baby traffickers, Lizzie and the hat take it upon themselves to find the thieves and return baby Brent to his parents. In so doing, Lizzie loses her jobs and could very likely end up in jail.

What transpires is a wild ride as Lizzie is introduced to a magical world she had no idea existed. She also learns a thing or two about firing a gun, playing a bass violin, and finding out that witches, vampires, and ghouls are for real.

C.S. Boyack’s novella, The Hat, is an entertaining read with non-stop excitement. His characters are well developed, the plot has unexpected twists, and the author’s imagination is pure inspirational. Highly recommended.

About the Author 

Craig S. Boyack grew up in small town Elko in northeastern Nevada. At the turn of the century, Boyack moved to  Idaho to pursue a career in writing. He writes about unusual things especially science fiction, paranormal, and fantasy. His goal is to entertain the reader, and The Hat certainly does that.

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Michael is the author of four published novels—Goodbye Tchaikovsky, The Abduction of Joshua Bloom, and The Koolura Series—The Legend of Koolura and Koolura and the Mystery at Camp Saddleback. He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Examiner writing articles about parenting and education. His blog features YA authors and books.

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  1. Joe Bock Reply

    Sounds like Lizzie became superwomen (or some other type of super hero).

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