A Thousand Years of Evil

CoverJimmy Hankins and Mickey O’Hara, boys in their early teens, are abducted from the streets with many other children in their city, by a band of evil men planning on selling the children as sex slaves through the seedy channels of human trafficking. Then, like magic, Theresa Bordils and Melchior, Fairy King of Avalon, rescues the children.

Theresa and Melchior are about to be married, and consummate a love that has transcended time. As they prepare for the blessed wedding day, they also investigate the power behind the human trafficking that kidnapped and raped the children they saved.

Writer Vanayssa Somers, in The Boy Scout, brings her readers book two in The Tales of Avalon series. The author does a wonderful job-connecting book two to her first novel in the series, Pagan Flames. It’s not a prerequisite book to read prior to book two, however, Pagan Flames provides readers insight into the author’s protagonists—Theresa and Melchior.

Somers does an amazing job bringing awareness to the horrors of human trafficking as well as mixing that harsh reality to the fantasy romance of the fairy king Melchior and his beloved human lover. Together, Melchior and Terri are pitted against an evil wizard with a thousand year history of committing heinous acts destroying the lives of young children and trying to bring down the fairy royal family.

The Boy Scout is skillfully written and draws on the author’s spiritual training to keep readers focused on this thoughtful and entertaining read.

VanayssaAbout the Author

Vanayssa Somers grew up in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She’s a trained Registered Nurse, has worked as a Reiki Master, Psychic, and NLP counselor. She has worked for over two decades in soul retrieval and connecting with her family in the Afterlife. Her novels reflect her belief in romantic love as she writes in pursuit of a happier world.





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  1. Joe Bock Reply

    Human trafficking is indeed evil. I’m glad this book is bringing awareness to this subject.

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