The Little Starship That Could

Electrician Jim Thompson has nothing to live for. At 54 his wife has left him for another man after 25 years of marriage. She took the home and retirement savings. He got booted from his job due to the Great Recession. Now homeless and living out of his truck, Jim’s future seems very bleak.

Then one day, after rummaging though a dumpster in a back ally, Jim discovers a small silver drone. It appears to be a toy quadcopter with a shiny silver skin without the propellers. He thinks this excellently crafted drone could be worth a lot of money, so he figures out a way to transport the heavy craft back to his truck. Once there, a blue light from the drone envelops him, reduces his size to that of a mouse, and a door to the ship swings open and a ladder extends.

This was Jim’s introduction to Vincent, the AI (artificial intelligence) on the starship. It seems that Vincent needs Jim to find an object that is not only important for the survival of his planet, but for the survival of Earth.

Thus begins Jonathan G. Meyer’s science fiction novel, Vincent, that is set in St. Louis, Missouri and a remote Caribbean island. Meyer takes on many social issues including homelessness, immigration, divorce, social media, and climate change in a novel that is fast-paced with exciting plot shifts that will keep readers guessing until the dramatic conclusion.

About the Author

 Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jonathan G. Meyer is an avid reader, with science fiction being his passion. His books, which include his Al Clark Trilogy, portray exciting adventures for the present, yet external hope for the future.

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