The Enchantress Detective

witchy-business-coverElle Chambers is a witch detective who works for Edinburgh’s coven. So when Ferguson Black, a Scottish solicitor and werewolf goes missing, its Elle’s job to find him and ensure this dangerous supernatural being doesn’t hurt anyone.

Elle’s liaison with the coven is Rebecca, a powerful witch who keeps her “supplied with investigation jobs that utilizes her unique talents.” You see Elle is an enchantress who is just beginning to understand her enormous witchy powers.

Elle also works for insurance companies checking to see if claims are valid. When she’s called to investigate an art burglary she becomes enchanted by Niall Sampson, a reclusive art collector whose magnetism entrances Elle.

The witch detective soon finds out Rebecca has questionable interest in Mr. Sampson and warns Elle to be very careful around this man the coven suspects to be a dangerous supernatural being. However, Elle is beginning to have feelings for the man.

Eve Paludan and Stuart Sharp write in Elle’s first person perspective as the protagonist investigates the Sampson art theft that becomes more curious by the second. As Elle does her investigation, readers meet magical creatures like a werewolf, a warlock, goblins, and of course vampires.

Witchy Business is elegantly written in a way that draws readers in and keeps them there until the exciting climax; which leads us into an enticing series of books: The Witch Detectives.

About the Authors

eveEve Paludan, best selling author of the Angel Detective Series and Werewolf Detective Series, lives in Mesa, Arizona. She enjoys reading mysteries and romances, taking scenic photos and swimming. This paranormal romance mystery author can be found on Facebook, Twitter and on

Living in East Yorkshire in the UK, Stuart Sharp is a writer, ghostwriter and editor. He has penned Court Dreams, Witch Hunt, and Searching. Mr. Sharp started writing part way through his PhD and hasn’t stopped. He likes to write fantasy fiction with a humorous edge, but has also collaborated with others on a wide range of works, ranging from Romance to sci-fi and non-fiction.


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