Childhood Diabetes Uncovered

book-coverNine-year-old Portia Maddox needs to use the restroom every time she drinks water. She’s always thirsty and hungry and still bone thin.

School Nurse Bryant recommends a doctor appointment, and Dr. Thomas confirms her suspicions—Portia has childhood diabetes. She now needs to test her blood regularly and inject herself with insulin; which turns out to be a huge problem for a little girl afraid of needles.

Thus begins Portia’s Incredible Journey told in the first person narrative by Portia as she learns to adapt to her unexpected new life.

Author Emma L. Price does a very good job getting into Portia’s head as she deals with health and family issues—problems many children encounter as they grow up.

Portia’s Incredible Journey is a wonderful read, especially for young children grappling with the dilemma of diabetes. And after you enjoy this novel, Price has written a sequel, Another Girl Calls My Dad Daddy.


About the Author 

A graduate of California State University, Dominquez Hills, Emma L. Price was a classroom teacher and a Consulting Teacher in the Peer Assistance and Review Program for the Los Angeles Unified School District. Now retired, she’s the author of Another Girl Calls My Dad Daddy. She has also published several professional articles in journals and newspaper.

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