Camping Trip Novel Set in Boundary Waters Minnesota

Employer Alexander and Levy mandates weird requests of its top executives. One year the crew had to meet on the corporate office rooftop for calisthenics. The next the board of directors decided everyone take up the vegetarian lifestyle, and on another occasion they were given transcendental meditation breaks. This year CEO Vincent Alexander gives his top executives an extra week of vacation to be spent on a wilderness trek near Lake superior, in a chain of lakes and forests known as the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. The employees must go or lose their jobs.

Executives Ted, Michael, Madison (Michael’s fiancé), Judith, and Cheryl, begin their reluctant adventure at the Northern Lights Wilderness Lodge, a rustic fishing lodge. The Alexander and Levy executives have three guides waiting for them. Joey Shada is a beautiful Native American and the chief guide. No-nonsense Roger and a Nordic god named Olaf assist her.

Debra Easterling writes a compelling novel of self-discovery by thrusting her characters onto a wilderness trek they were forced by their employer to take. The author expertly describes in vivid mental pictures breathtaking scenes of Superior National Forest.

Easterling tells her story through the eyes of Michael, an executive with a promising future at Alexander and Levy. Michael is looking forward to the trip as much as he enjoyed fighting the flu he contracted during early morning workouts on the company roof.

Though most of the executives detest any skyline other than Manhattan’s, Michael unexpectedly falls in love with Boundary Waters. As he sweats through the daily chores of survival without modern-day luxuries, some of his companions rebel against their forced vacation with disastrous results.

Boundary Waters is a character driven novel that will keep readers riveted to its pages from first to last page until the shocking climax. This is one book readers won’t want to miss.

About the Author

Debra Easterling is the mother of eight children, the grandmother of 15, and the wife of one. She moved from Minnesota to Orlando, Florida in 2000, and now works as a criminal and personal injury paralegal.

Easterling has written four novels and has published at least seven short stories. She keeps herself busy as a writer, wedding officiate and birthing doula. She considers herself the Eclectic Author because life just can’t be lived in one genre writing in whichever genre fancies her at the time.





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