What would you do if you met an alien from another world?

Matthew (Matty) Jones lives on a central Pennsylvania farm adjacent to a field the locals said was visited by a spaceship. It was the morning of December 9, 1965, the day DJ (Matty’s father), was born. The event affected the man’s life. But DJ is no longer around because he ran off with his brother’s wife, Carol.

Now that it’s summer vacation, all seventeen year old Matty seems to care about is making sure his mother Lorna, a registered nurse, gets her morning java so he can spend the rest of his day hanging with best friends Brian and Emily Aoki. However, all changes when a mysterious girl appears in the famous field gawking at the stars.

Eight Days on Planet Earth is written in the first person narrative. Matty tells his story in a week and a day with specific times as chapter headings. The girl Matty sees in the “crash-site” field is Priya, a teenage girl claiming to be a visitor from another world here to observe Earth customs. She has completed her task and is waiting for her ride home. Matty has his doubts.

Cat Jordan’s novel, Eight Days on Planet Earth is not science fiction. It’s a love story between two teens lost in their changing worlds. Through Matty’s descriptions of the unfolding events we learn about his special relationship with his father and his feelings of abandonment when DJ left without discussion.

Cat Jordan is definitely in touch with her inner teen as she provides heart-wrenching descriptions of a boy’s loss of his father and the discovery of a first love that may not be of this world. And throughout the novel, there is the boy’s anchor—Ginger, his dog. Eight Days on Planet Earth is an insightful character study of a teen discovering love for the first time as he tries to come to grips with his father’s betrayal. Highly recommended.

About the Author. 

Cat Jordan loves to write, and her favorite process is envisioning a world and populating it with all kinds of people and dogs. She has to have a dog in her story.The worlds she creates are based on her travels from coast to coast in the US, Europe, Mexico and Canada, and about the people she has met along the way. Currently she lives in Los Angeles with her dog.

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