Time Bound: A Science Fiction Classic

timebound-coverKate Pierce-Keller finally meets her grandmother after a decade of estrangement from Kate’s mother. Now Grandma Katherine wants Kate to move into her new home close to her high school at Briar Hill.

Sixteen-year-old Kate soon learns that Katherine is dying from cancer and has about a year to live. Katherine also shows her a weird glowing medallion and whispers about time travel. And there’s more. The strange sensations she has recently experienced weren’t panic attacks like the shrink told her, but Kate’s reaction to temporal shifts. Someone is affecting the timeline, and if no one fixes it soon, Kate and everyone she loves will blink out of existence.

Rysa Walker’s Timebound won the grand prize in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, and deservedly so. Just imagine yourself as a teenager and you discover your long lost grandma is a time-traveling historian from the 23rd Century. Since you have inherited a time-traveling gene, all you need is the CHRONOS medallion to send yourself to any time you choose.

Kate chooses the 1893 Chicago Exposition to prevent a religious cult, the Cyrists, from creating an alternative time line that will destroy her family. As Kate tries to stop the temporal shifts, she meets Trey, a boy from an alternate time line, and the couple fall in love.

Timebound has a strong plot, well-developed characters, and scenic descriptions that make readers feel right there at the Chicago Exposition. The novel is non-stop excitement as Kate tries to restore her reality, but will that also destroy Trey’s knowledge of ever knowing her?

This sci-fi time travel novel will keep readers spell-bound from first to last page. Once readers finish reading Timebound, there’s always Time’s Edge and Time’s Divide to satisfy their enthusiasm for this epic time travel adventure—The Chronos Files.


About the Author

Rysa Walker, her husband, and two young sons live in North Carolina. She’s the author of the award winning CHRONOS Fileshat has sold nearly half a million copies world-wide since 2013. When Walker isn’t writing she enjoys watching Star Trek and reads fantasy novels about magical creatures and superheroes. Naturally, all of these characters are from alternate timelines. 



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    Wow, romance between timelines; makes romance across geographical areas seem like no big deal.

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