Simple Food Guide for Teens

Book CoverAccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fast food has been associated with higher caloric intake and poorer diet quality in children and adolescents.” It’s no wonder 25 million children in the US are overweight or obese consuming 67% more fat than recommended amounts and 72% more saturated fats, which leads to obesity.

With this in mind, author Martina Desgouttes steps in with her book, I’m Bad Fat Master of Disguise. It’s a 28-page colorful story showing the affect of fast foods on four high school students—Tom, Sam, Johnny, and Gabriel.

Tom is the fast-food junkie cheerleader taking his friends to eat at their favorite burgers and fries joint. Eventually, Gabriel leaves the group preferring a healthier life style.

In a fluid writing style kids will find easy to read, Desgouttes has created an informative story showing teens and young adults the damaging effects of bad fat on their health.

The invisible antagonist is Bad Fat, a repulsive gnome that lures its unsuspecting victims to high-fat content foods. Like a pusher of drugs, this evil character wants his prey to consume high fat content foods so they will eventually become obese, develop high blood pressure, diabetes, or even cancer.

The shy protagonist is also invisible. Good Fat, in the guise of an angel avocado, has success in luring Gabriel away from hamburgers and fries coaxing him to consider healthier foods like grilled chicken, veggie wraps, or smoothies.

I’m Bad Fat Master of Disguise will surprise readers with eye-opening pictures showing a ten-year difference when food choices eventually catch up and affect the bodies and health of young adults.


MartinaAbout the Author

Martina Desgouttes, a creator of health education programs for youth and adults, is known for her creativity and expert knowledge in health and nutritional facts. Desgouttes is also the author of My Total Transformation: A Whirlwind of Change and How I Ate My Way to Good Health.



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