Para-human Fantasy

RevealA cryptid is a parahuman with a few animal-like traits. Shay, a high school senior is oblivious to the fact that she is one. Yes, she can see and communicate with ghosts and she has jet-black hair as deep and rich as a black cat. But, does that make her one?

Hugh, a college freshman, turns up at the local coffee shop where he’s spotted by Shay, who feels the attraction immediately. As the novel builds, the chemistry between Shay and Hugh is electrifying drawing the two together in a unique bond.

Reveal is book one in Brina Courtney’s young adult paranormal romance in the Cryptid Chronicles series. Written in Shay’s voice and in the first person present tense, Courtney has penned a plot driven fantasy that will keep her readers engaged from the beginning to the dramatic cliffhanger ending. Courtney also does a wonderful job of character development.

One area that I thought needed greater attention was the description of the settings. Her scenes were adequate, but I felt they needed some fleshing out. Also, I felt the scientific explanation for Shay’s cryptid genetic make-up was weak. But read it and decide for yourself.

The Cryptid Chronicles series is a sequential series connected chronologically by plot. The books draw upon the same characters, contain the author’s familiar easy reading style, but readers need to start with book one for best comprehension. In this series that book would be Reveal, and it’s free on Amazon.

Brina CourtneyAbout the Author

Brina Courtney is a first grade teacher in a Pennsylvania small town where she also coaches high school cheerleading. When she’s not spending time with her husband and two very loud, small dogs, she’s writing new adult fiction as she munches on chocolate. She also enjoys crime shows and fantasy movies. Check out her website at to learn more about this YA/New Adult author.

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  1. Joe Bock Reply

    Interesting idea. We all have animal-like traits, so why not carry it to the extreme.

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