High School and College Students Save Lives with the American Red Cross

leadersAll of us can make a difference. It just takes a little effort, focus, and the willingness to help others.

High school and college students looking for scholarship money or just a gift card can bolster their resumes and save lives, too.

The American Red Cross has a special program, Leaders Save Lives. Here’s what you do to get involved.

First, check out Leaders Save Lives and sign up to host a winter blood drive. The winter program is from December 15, 2016-January 15, 2017. Your blood drive must be scheduled during this time because most schools are out of session.

Next, recruit friends, family, teachers, and school staff to give blood. If your blood drive collects a minimum of 25 pints, you’ll be eligible to win a scholarship. For example, if you collect 25-59 pints you have the chance to win a scholarship worth $1000. If you collect 60-99 pints, the scholarship money increases to $1500 and over 100 pints could bring the student a scholarship worth $2500.

This year six scholarships will be awarded. If you don’t win one of those you’re guaranteed a gift card if your blood drive collects a minimum of 25 pints. Card amounts vary dependent on pints collected. A $50 card is awarded to collections of 25-59 pints. A $100 card for 60-99 pints, and a $200 card for 100 pints or more collected.leaders-save-lives

Zoe Wasserlauf, a high school student who participated in Leaders Save Lives had this to say about her involvement, “The program was an amazing experience and I feel that it is a great way for people to get involved and learn what it is like to be a leader. It’s hard work, but it is well worth it.”

When you write your personal statement to your dream college, referencing your American Red Cross credentials will be a great example of your leadership skills.

So why not make a difference today? Change lives by promoting an American Red Cross Blood Drive in your community.

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  1. Joe Bock Reply

    Giving blood is so easy I don’t see why everyone doesn’t do it. I think this is a great project for high school and college students

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