Guarding Charon

guarding-charonGrace Adams’ life in small town Texas has been a living hell for the twenty-two year old brunette. While in high school she dated school hunk Bruce Davis, son of the town’s ruling family. After their senior prom, Grace wanted nothing to do with him, who turned out to be a brutal and controlling misogynist. However, Bruce had other plans.

When he returned home from college, Bruce joined the police force and commenced to do everything in his power to control the disinterested Grace, making her life miserable. She couldn’t even hold down a job without Bruce pressuring employers to fire her.

Then one day, when things couldn’t look bleaker for Grace, a Maine lawyer shows up at her door. Grace is the sole heir to a fortune. But there is one catch. She has to move to Cavendish, Maine and live in an ancient mansion for at least six months. What Grace isn’t told is that great aunt Amanda Cross was a witch.

International best selling author KateMarie Collins does a marvelous job at developing a gripping novel that will keep readers entranced from the start. The characters in Guarding Charon are well developed, the plot moves quickly, and the setting descriptions are vivid.

katemarieCollins builds her plot expertly to the final mind blowing climax that I felt could have been described more elaborately for increased dramatic effect. However, Guarding Charon is a wonderful read and contains a sweet romance that won’t disappoint her New Adult readers.


About the Author

KateMarie Collins grew up in the Pacific Northwest. In 2008, with the encouragement of her husband and two daughters, she submitted her work to publishers. Since that time she has written thirteen novels and novellas for YA and New Adult readers. Today she continues her work in a Seattle suburb living with her family and two cats.





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